Dr. Adam Martik, DMD

Can you help me stop grinding my teeth?

It’s not uncommon to grind or clench your teeth occasionally. But if it is a chronic problem for you, we have solutions that can help.

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can seriously damage your teeth. Constant excess force gradually breaks down tooth enamel, which not only causes premature wear, but can also result in fracturing or breaking of a tooth.

There are many reasons why you might grind your teeth. It may simply be the result of stress, in which case meditation or relaxation techniques can be very helpful.

For many people, though, the problem is more complicated. Teeth grinding often occurs when your dental bite is out of alignment. Your dental bite is related to the way your teeth come together, and when it is unbalanced, you may grind your teeth.

Your teeth grinding may also be a result of TMJ, a disorder that affects the joint and muscles in your jaw. If you have TMJ, you know that its symptoms can be painful and may disrupt your life.

At Martik Family Dental, we can provide relief with a simple appliance known as an NTI device. This is a small customized plastic guard that fits comfortably over your front teeth and prevents your teeth from coming into contact while you sleep. It eliminates teeth grinding and its painful symptoms like migraines.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the ways we can help with your teeth grinding or TMJ symptoms.

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